The Friends Bookstore on the First Floor of the downtown Central Library’s East Building is the single most important fundraiser for our organization. Volunteers operate the Bookstore under the supervision of our Donation Coordinator.

A volunteer may choose to alphabetize, shelve or assist customers, help with delivery and pick up, and/or work the register while keeping the Bookstore organized and looking spiffy. Shifts of 2 to 4 hours may be chosen and volunteers are asked to commit to at least one day per week. Free parking is available.

If you would like more information or want to express your interest, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 205-226-3676 or email us at

Friends Council

The Friends Council is comprised of our most active Friends members who volunteer to organize events, administer fundraising and advocacy campaigns, and generally volunteer on behalf of BPL when asked. If you think you may be interested, contact the Friends Council.

Friends YP Section

The YPs are also active Friends members, ages 25 to 40, who not only volunteer on behalf of the FFBPL and the BPL, but also organize networking opportunities to reach out to their peers to both educate them about how libraries, including BPL, are changing and seek their ideas and opinions about how BPL can better serve them. The goal of the YPs is both to serve and to have fun with like-minded peers.  Join the Friends, then contact the YPs.