Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee makes library guests feel welcome and makes the library look its best when company comes.

Here at the beginning of building a formidable Hospitality Corps, we are providing light refreshments and flowers at programs at special events that tend to draw large crowds to the Library.

The motto of the Hospitality Committee is to ask a little bit of help from a lot of people: one person brings plates and napkins, another is in charge of the punch, another does flowers, and two or three other volunteers are asked to bring light food—homemade cheese straws or the like, and finally there is the clean-up. Many hands make merry work. And it is very satisfying to see the Library shine. If you are interested in joining the Hospitality Committee, please send an email to

Bookstore Volunteer

The Friends Bookstore on the First Floor of the downtown Central Library’s East Building is the single most important fundraiser for our organization. Proceeds from the sale of books and other materials are used to provide library programming, to purchase special equipment for the Library, to subsidize the Library‚Äôs budget where needed, to support advocacy for BPL, and to promote and assist BPL in any way Library Administration requests.

Bookstore Volunteers must commit to working at least one 4-hour shift a month in the Friends Bookstore for at least a period of three months. Volunteers run the cash register, process donations, assist customers, and help keep the Bookstore looking spiffy.

And consider this: you have time to peruse the new books, interact with other Library supporters and fellow readers in addition to knowing that you are doing something worthwhile and greatly appreciated.

Interested? Of course you are! Send an email to to let us know you’re interested.